[Sights & Sounds] Japan ’09/’10

This is my first ‘Sights & Sounds’ video. The aim of the video was to create a short video diary of some of the experiences I had during my trip to Japan using only the sights and sounds my camera recorded.

Most of the shots are from an old Cybershot (point-and-shoot), with a few shots coming from an iPhone 3GS.

I was inspired by the start of Andrea Allen’s Summer & FallZeits all in one, which mixes the sounds of one event with images of another to create a very surreal atmosphere.

[US 2010/11] Ridgefield, CT

While in the States, this time around, I spent most of my time in Ridgefield, Connecticut – which is about an hour’s drive north east of New York. The primary reason for the trip was to spend time with my American family who I rarely get to see, so it was great being able to spend a decent amount of time with them.

Thoughts on Directing

What does it take to be a director?

Now, I don’t know a lot about directing, but I do know this:

A director is, first and foremost, a leader, and you can’t be a leader without people. To get a group of people to follow you, you need to be good at communicating (listening and talking) with each member of the team.