Video Actionjackson from the Perth Global Game Jam

While I was making music at Global Game Jam, I was also sneaking off with my camera and filming people in secret. Not in a ‘creepy stalker voyeuristic-master hiding in that bush over there’ kind of way, but more like a ‘focused video professional trying to gather footage to create an entertaining post-event recap video’ kind of way.

Before the event started I was thinking I might have bitten off more than I could chew and thought maybe I’d filled my plate with a few too many morsels. But alas! I managed well and came out the other side with some music made for games and enough footage to edit into something worth watching.

I had fun editing this one as Final Cut X was keeping up with me and I was able to just focus on the editing. The music for the video was provided by Chris McCormick from his sweet jumpingjackson squeakyshoecore ep.

Music, Global Game Jam and Me.

I had a great time on the weekend making music and other little audio tidbits for games at the Perth Global Game Jam. It was pretty rad. I don’t know why but it just felt good putting myself in that position to see what it’s like to: 1. make music for games and 2. make music under pressure with a specific feeling or goal in mind.

I ended up working on three games, all of which were quite different from each other.
The GGJ theme this year was: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Mad House

Mad House

In this game you are basically stuck in an insane asylum and need to escape. But the only way to do that is to posses the tiny bodies of smaller creatures which can fit through cracks and vents and locate the extremely handydandyman key that will allow you to escape.

I made three pieces of music for the game. Each one for a different stage of the player’s progress:

  1. Deep depression; darkness; anxiety; failing sanity
  2. Hopeful escape; the end is in sight;  just a little bit further
  3. Escape; freedom; a new beginning

You can download and play Mad House here. Although it does require an Oculus Rift headset… I’m not too sure everyone has one of those fancy-babies lying around just yet.


A giant world ready to be explored. You enter the world alone but soon find followers that learn and adapt from the actions you take. Will the land remain peaceful and safe or take a violent turn for the worse! Who knows?! You can download it and find out for yourself if you like.

For Alpha I was asked to make a piece of music that was relatively neutral in feeling (neither aggressive nor happy). I also wanted to get across the feeling of exploration and wonder, and also the slight sense of danger that is inherent in the open wilderness.



Forest went through many different designs before settling down on an interesting core mechanic:
You can only see or perceive what is in your immediate sphere of awareness. You can send out ‘flares’ or ‘scanners’ to see further ahead of you, but these only last a short time and anything you see doesn’t exist as a physical object (with gravity and other such things) until it comes into your sphere of awareness. You can also place ‘beacons’ to remember a certain location, but these memory beacons only stay active for a limited time. Check it out here if you’re interested.

This was an interesting game to compose for and also quite exciting because of its minimalist aesthetic. I made a bunch of sounds for activation events and the beacon bubbles. But I’m most pleased with the atmosphere track I’ve included above; I love the space and dreamy quality of it.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how all the audio turned out in the time I had. Although, listening back to them now I would have liked to smooth out a few things and spend more time on the overall composition. But! That’s for next time! Or even this time! Or maybe even right now! Yeah!

More of More, and More.

I’m gonna start posting here more often. This blog has been pretty badly neglected and it doesn’t feel good leaving peeps out of some of the things I’ve been doing.

Like just recently I went to Melbourne and had a great time there. Things like that, you know.

I think also I should include some kind of picture in this post to make it official and pleasing to the eyes. Things always look more official when you can look at them…

My beautiful picture

I’m actually trying to think of why I haven’t posted so much for so long, and I reckon it has something to do with me thinking that posts have to be really good and incredibly interesting to everyone. And then I start writing some post and trying to make it really spiffywhizbangers and it starts becoming less and less fun as I write it until eventually I’m just like, ‘Fuck it. Peeps won’t read this anyway. Hey what’s happening on Reddit!?’

Things should be fun. I like fun things.

Quotey Quotey Quotes

“I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none.”

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

“Art? You just do it.”

Fucking yes!